Alexey Andreyevich ANSELM

( 1.7.1934 - 23.8.1998)


The physicists of Russian Academy of Sciences and especially all researchers of the Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute (PNPI) learned with great sorrow of the death of professor Alexey Andreyevich Anselm. 

The whole his life was inseparably connected with the mentioned Institute. During 14 years (1983 - 1997) he was the head of Theoretical Physics Division of PNPI. He was a genuine theoretical physicist, a great scholar, author of many pioneering articles whose significance has only recently been realized and which have earned him universal recognition. He was one of those people who set the tone and determine the style of work. His energy, charm and intellectual integrity have most prominently shown up during the time of his directorship of the PNPI (1992 - 1994). Those were troubled times, and it was very fortunate for the Institute to have had such a man as its Director.

Many years Alexey Andreyevich combined his scientific activity with teaching of students at St.Petersburg State University. He was very popular professor, his lectures were brilliant. Everybody who came into contact with him felt attracted to him. This was especially true for the young physicists with whom he worked. Many mature, independent scientists consider him to be their teacher. It is difficult to overestimate the role he played in the organization and conduct of famous PNPI Winter Schools. 

We have no doubt that his name will have a permanent place in the history of theoretical physics. We express our most sincere condolences to his family and closest friends.