A.M. Baldin

(February 26, 1926 - April 29, 2001)

The outstanding Russian scientist, Full Member of Russian Academy of Sciences, Scientific Leader of the JINR Laboratory of High Energies, Professor, Laureate of the USSR State and Lenin Prizes in the field of science and technology, Alexander Mikhailovich Baldin passed away on 29 April, at the age of 75.

Academician A.M. Baldin has brought a pioneering and fundamental contribution to the development of the physics of particle electromagnetic interactions, relativistic nuclear physics, and to the creation of a new-type accelerator of charged particles and high-energy nuclei based on superconductivity technology. The works by A.M. Baldin are internationally recognized and are widely cited by the community of physicists.

A.M. Baldin has greatly influenced the activity of the international research centre in Dubna and was an active initiator of scientific activities in JINR Member States and in many leading research centres of the world. His demise is an irreplaceable loss for world science.