Lev P. Feoktistov

(14.02.1928 - 14.02.2002)

The outstanding Russian scientist, Full Member of Russian Academy of Sciences, Lev Petrovich Feoktistov passed away on 14 February, at the age of 74.

He made many valuable contributions to applied nuclear physics, defensive capability of country and development of secure nuclear power engineering.

L.P.Feoktistov started his research in 1951 in All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics (Arzamas-16). From 1955 till 1980 he worked in All-Russian Institute of Technical Physics in position of First Deputy Scientific Chief. Since 1977 till 1988 L.P.Feoktistov worked in Russian Scientific Center "Kurchatov Institute". From 1988 till last days he headed the Division of Laser Thermonuclear Fusion of Physical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences.

L.P.Feoktistov is one of researcher and creator of first modern type Hydrogen Device deployed in Armed Forces. He also took part in research, which led to implementation of the most modern weapons and to thermonuclear enhancement of nuclear devices, as well as of theory of electromagnetic radiation of nuclear explosion and thermonuclear detonation. Hydrogen charges of minimal size and weight for multiple heads also belongs to him.

In last years L.P.Feoktistov has made a number of contributions to new types of nuclear reactors especially in making them more safe and more powerful. He developed, in particular, the theory of combined reactor with laser induced thermonuclear neutron source initiation. In laser induced thermonuclear synthesis he proposed very simple targets.

L.P.Feoktistov was a head of reknown school in high energy density physics, who brought up many prominent scientists. Academician L.P. Feoktistov was the laureate of the Lenin and State Prizes, Hero of a Socialist Labor, order-beare of other high governmental decorations.

In memory of his colleagues and friends he will remain as kind, benevolent man.