One of the most eminent specialist in Nuclear Physics, Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences IOSIF SOLOMONOVICH SHAPIRO passed away on March 11, 1999 in Moscow after grave disease. He aged 80.

He was very talented physicist-theorist of high qualification in broad scope of physics. As his ideas were bright and novel so intense were his efforts to make them directly comparable with experiment.

Obtained by I.S.Shapiro expansion of relativistic wavefunction in the states with definite 4- dimensional angular momenta, which has been named after Shapiro and still is widely used. His works on computation of effects of parity non-conservation in muon and nucleon interactions with nuclei were especially valuable. The most renowned was his work on enhancement of parity non-conservation effects in nuclei.

His works on non-relativistic version of diagram technique for studying direct nuclear reactions gained a world-wide acknowledgement. New field of physics was started by I.S.Shapiro in his research on nucleon - antinucleon interactions.

He will remain in our memory as man fully devoted to science, with bright and keen mind, amiable person and patriot of our country, combat officer during WWII. .