One of the most outstanding high energy scientist, full member of Russian Academy of Sciences YURY DMITRIYEVICH PROKOSHKIN passed away on March 1, 1997 at Protvino (Moscow Region) after grave disease.

He was very talented physicist of high qualification in broad scope of physics. His main contributions are detection of beta-decay of pion and anti-Helium-3, precision measurements of charge exchange processes, high spin meson resonances, finding of total cross-section rise in Kp-interactions (Serpukhov effect), investigation of scaling in hadron-hadron interactions, developement of technique for multy-photon reactions registrations (GAMS-2000 detector at IHEP and GAMS-4000 detector at CERN).

Main of his works were performed with 76 GeV proton synchrotrone at Institute for High Energy Physics (Protvino) where he worked for last 30 years. He also received many important results in collaboration with CERN physicists.

Yu.D.Prokoshkin was honoured with Lenin Prize. Russian Academy of Sciences awarded him with Gold Medal named after I.Kurchatov.